Does Vidmate App is Safe 2023

Hello friends, welcome to NK Knowledge, today we will talk about Is Vidmate App Safe? If you also use Vidmate App or are thinking of using it and this question may have come in your mind that can our mobile phone data be stolen? Then you have come to the right place because today I will give you complete information about Vidmate App. Will provide….

Kya Vidmate App Safe Hai?

By reading this article, you will get complete information about vidmate app. You will also know whether you should use vidmate app or not. If you also feel that you have complete information about vidmate, then you have to do just one thing. This article has to be read completely.

Friends, before knowing whether Vidmate app is safe for us or not, it is important to know what Vidmate app is….

what is Vidmate App

Vidmate app is a kind of downloading app. This app was created by China’s leading company Alibaba Group. With the help of this app, we can download all types of videos and songs very easily, like we have to download any video or song from YouTube. So we cannot download directly in our mobile, for this we use vidmate, not only YouTube, we can use vidmate to download videos from all social media platforms.

You can download videos or songs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform through Vidmate. In this app, you also have the option of how much video quality you want. In this, you can also watch videos like YouTube. People like this app very much, now let’s talk about whether there is any risk to us by using it.

Does Vidmate App is Safe 2023?

Vidmate App has not faced any problem regarding security till now, but the reason to look at this app from a narrow perspective is that this app is not available on Google Play Store because from this app we can download video or audio directly from any platform. And it is against Google’s policy, that is why this app is not available in Google Play Store.

Now let’s talk about Virus. If we use this app, can we get virus in our mobile? So friends, we tried this app on the well-known Virus checker website Virus total. We checked the virus in it but it was said that there is 0% virus in it, this proves that It happens that by downloading this app no virus comes to our mobile.

Now let’s talk that whenever we install Vidmate, our phone gives us a warning that this app is unsafe but we found out why this problem occurs, this problem occurs because of the signature of this app and We came to know this from the official website of this app and whenever we install it, this app only asks for storage permission.

Friends, this app is a Chinese app and many Chinese apps have been banned in our country, anyway no one trusts Chinese products, similarly no one trusts in using this app.

But if we talk about using this app, it depends on us whether we should use Vidmate app or not.

Google Play Store Vidmate App?  

Friends, the biggest reason for Vidmate not being on Google Play Store is that most of the people use this app to download videos and audios from YouTube and direct downloading is against the policy of Google, hence no one takes the premium plan of YouTube from it.

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Vidmate App advantages

  • The biggest advantage of Vidmate is that we can easily download videos and audios from anywhere.
  • With this app we can watch videos just like YouTube.
  • With this app we get the option of fast downloading, through this we can download videos and audios very fast.
  • With this app we can download any type of video like 3GP, MP4, MPG, WMV, AVI, FLV, SWF, etc.
  • In vidmate we can download videos of any quality 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Vidmate App Disadvantages

  • Vidmate app is not available on Google Play Store, that is why many people do not trust this app.
  • This app is a Chinese app.
  • Whenever we use this app, a lot of additions keep coming in it.
  • This app works against Google policy….


Today we gave you complete information about Vidmate App. We told you whether Vidmate is safe for us or not. Many people had a question that Is Vidmate App Safe? We have tried to answer this question also, I hope that if you liked our article then do tell in the comment and if your friends want to know about Vidmate app then do share it.

FAQ – Kya Vidmate App Safe Hai?

Q1. Vidmate app Google Play Store पे क्यों नहीं है ?

Ans:- vidmate app Google Play Store पे इसी लिए नहीं है की यह google की policy के खिलाफ काम करती है |

Q2. Kya Vidmate App Safe Hai?

Ans:- Vidmate App में अभी तक security को लेकर कोई भी प्रोब्लम नहीं आई है लेकिन इस app को संकास्प्द नजरिये से देखने का कारन यह app Google Play Store पर उपलब्द नहीं है |

Q3. Vidmate App क्या है?

Ans:- Vidmate app एक तरह का Downloading app है इस app को चाइना की मसूर कंपनी अलीबाबा ग्रुप ने बनाया था इस app की मदद से हम हर तरह के वीडियो और song बड़ी आसानीसे download कर सकते है |

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