What is Animation: Know all about Animation 2023

In the age of technology, Internet has completely changed our lives and in this era of Internet, websites and digital mediums are playing a huge role in fulfilling our business objectives. Friends, through today’s article we will talk about a topic which has brought a revolution in the digital world. Friends, today we will talk about Animation, we will know what is Animation?

Animation Kya Hai?

Animation has attracted everyone’s attention. It is a mechanical art in which figures are brought to life and given movement so that they appear real to us. You may have enjoyed animation in many movies, TV shows, video games, and apps. But do you know what animation is and what is the life behind it?

We have tried to give complete information about animation in this article. You will get all the information about animation in this article. By reading this article, you will become aware of animation and you will also get the answer to the question, What is Animation? So you must read this article till the end.

What is Animation in Hindi 

The biggest example of animation is cartoons which we watch when we were young and even our children watch today. In this sequence, animation is a very powerful and attractive solution which attracts the attention of the people visiting the website.

Animation is a special technology for making digital sounds, videos, images or text look real, making all the information easier to see for the user. Animation is a technology that makes us experience a world different from our own. This makes us enjoy new and interesting experiences and makes our dreams real.

Animation is such a technology by which even the most difficult subject can be explained very easily. If any subject is of mathematics or science, if it has to be understood in very simple language then it is understood with the help of animation.

If we want to say animation in simple language, then animation is a technology with the help of which our thoughts or subjects are shown in the form of real or cartoons.

History of Animation

Animation has become very popular in the world today, but friends, you will be happy to know that the word we call animation has been taken from our oldest language, Sanskrit word “Anima”, which means “alive”. Or “lively”. Based on this, animation means “lifelike” or “alive”.

Animation began as a sensitive process. Earlier, people used to draw pictures by hand which required a lot of time and skill, in the modern era, the field of animation has progressed a lot. The development of science and technology has taken animation to new heights. Nowadays, a new chapter of animation has started with the use of computer graphics (CG).

Types Of Animation 

  1. Computer Animation
    1.  VFX Animation
    2.  2D Animation
    3.  3D Animation 
  2. Traditional Animation 
  3. Stop Animation
  4. Motion Animation

Computer Animation

Computer animation has become an important part of our lives nowadays. We see it every day in various animation films, TV shows, video games and web series. Therefore, we will discuss the different types of computer animation in this article and consider how they differ as well as complement each other.

VFX Animation

VFX animation is a special type of graphics technique in which various scenes are created using organized digital images. With the help of VFX, such scenes are created which do not exist in real. Even the most difficult scenes are created very easily with its help.

Its purpose is to make visual scenes attractive and to take reality to places where it is not physically possible. VFX animation is a magical art that attracts user interest and attention.

VFX use?

This technique does its work by using a variety of software and tools of VFX animation. Here are some of the key steps that make this process possible

The process of VFX animation is planned and done carefully in advance. Various scenes and visual sequences are organized according to the story. It determines the characters, locations, and essential characteristics.

VFX knows


VFX animation plays an important role in films. Various beautiful visual effects make the movies interesting and help in making them great.

VFX Animation kya hai?, Animation kya hai?

If any scene in the film is difficult or any different kind of scene like big mountains, tsunami coming, big animals, jumping from a very big building or any different world has to be shown, then with the help of animation we can do that. Let’s show.

TV shows and series

TV shows and series also make extensive use of VFX animation. This allows characters to be introduced into amazing worlds and makes the story interesting.

video games

VFX animation in video games provides the user with a great adventure experience with their favorite players and playmates.

2D Animation

2D animation is a form of graphics in which each frame is visualized on a 2D plane. It is a type of cinematic art that has two dimensions (X and Y). Through this, a sequence is created by pushing different images one after another, which ultimately appears as a video.

2D animation use

2D animation is used in various fields. Its main uses are in animated films, children’s cartoon shows, video games, advertising, and education. It is also used to make visual effects attractive. You must have seen many big and popular cartoon films and shows which are created through 2D animation.

2D animation Useful

There are many benefits of 2D animation that make it a popular and preferred choice.

Through 2D animation it is possible to create diverse and attractive visuals that attract the audience.

The resources and expense required to produce 2D animation are much lower, making it a budget-friendly alternative.

2D animation supports the cinematic style that some films

Fills the hearts of the audience with unwavering love.

2D animation creation takes less time and increases productivity.

3D animation

3D animation is a wonderful blend of science, technology and art that creates new worlds with realism. This technology is used in various fields such as cinema, video games, science and technology, etc. Through 3D animation, we create a strange and magnificent world different from reality, which is suitable for entertainment and education.

3D animation use


3D animation in cinema

You must have also seen 3D movies in many theaters, which give you a different experience from the world around you. Through 3D animation, filmmakers have taken the audience on a different journey, where they can see their beloved stories in new dimensions. Along with this, special effects and visuals increase the entertainment of the audience.

3D animation in video games

3D animation in video games provides an interesting and exciting experience. Game developers use this technology to take players out of the real world and into a different world, where they have to face new challenges. This makes them extremely engaged while playing the game and makes them feel real in that world.

Traditional Animation

Traditional animation is an animation technique in which images are drawn one by one by hand. This is an old and competitive technique, dating back to early cinema. This technique easily taps into the hearts of its audience and conveys emotions in a limited time.

Traditional Animation kya hai?,
Animatiom kya hai?

Traditional animation

One of the characteristics of traditional animation is that it involves the artists’ mind, heart, and life every step of the way. This process of slowly creating images is associated with grandeur and excitement. A new world is created with small steps and with each step the lives of different characters are revealed.

Another feature of traditional animation is that it provides the unique ability to explain and explore the characters more. Personality, emotion, and language come through in every movement of the images, allowing the audience to identify with and empathize with them.

Motion Graphics

Nowadays we get many colorful and simple animations to watch on the internet. The secret behind these animations is motion graphics. Which we usually see in movies and video games. When we watch a video, movie or game, and see the vibrant expression in it, in reality, all those are technical elements that draw us into that world. We know this as motion graphics. The purpose of motion graphics is to provide a colorful and vibrant experience to the audience. It is especially used in animation, visual effects and video games.

Motion Graphics Animation, Animation kya hai?

Stop Graphics

Stop animation is a special type of animation in which a person, animal, or object is captured in different positions using special tools and techniques. The images are then combined to create an activity or story that is wonderfully vibrant and colorful. It makes effective use of time in transforming stories and provides a unique way for audiences to experience deep emotions.

Use of Stop Graphics Animation

1. Movies and TV

Stop Graphics animation is proving useful in transforming stories in cinema and TV. It draws the audience with excellent activity and interesting look.

2. Science and education

The use of pause animation is being proven in the field of science and education. It helps students to understand complex topics related to science and mathematics.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Stop Graphics Animation is an effective technique in the field of advertising and marketing. Through this, products and services are promoted and disseminated.

4. Social messaging

Stop Graphics animation is also used to convey social messages. This motivates the public to bring change in the society.

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Animation capacity ?

1. Selection of idea

A good animation starts with a deep story behind it. You have to plan a transformation activity in your mind which has different dialogues and characters.

2. Composition and Scripting

You will need to write a composition and script to further decorate this character. The script plays an important role in transforming the dialogue and story.

3. Character Design and Jewelry

It takes time to design the main hero and villain of the animation. There is an art to characters and making them charming and memorable.

4. Sound and Music

Sound and music can make your animation even more lively. A good music track hits the audience’s heart and draws them into your story.

5. Animation and editing

The animation process takes time and effort. Once you have completed the animation process of designing the characters, you can edit it and make your story more interesting.

Career option in Animation

1. Become a designer at an animation company

If you have a passion for playing with colors and the ability to create new characters in your mind, then you can make a career as a designer in an animation company. To work as a designer in animation companies, you need a good grasp and excellent skills in the field of art and design.

2. Becoming a Caricature Animator

Becoming a career animator can lead to an interesting and challenging professional life. To work as a career animator in the animation industry, you need high-tech skills along with good story creation and imagination abilities. There are many career opportunities in animation films, TV shows, video games, and visual effects.

3. Becoming a script writer

Writers who play an important role in animation work can change the face of the new school by coming up with interesting stories. You can show off your writing skills by working as a script writer for animation web series, movies or video games. This is a new and interesting career option that can provide you with a unique experience.

4. Becoming an Expert in the Animation Industry

Working as a specialist in the animation industry allows you to become a high-level expert in this field and successfully complete new projects based on your experience. To achieve expertise you need study, experience and the ability to do excellent work.

Essential qualities for success in animation career

The animation industry is a challenging and exciting field and to be successful in it you need to possess certain qualities.

1. Creativity

To achieve success in animation, you must have a passion for creativity. You need to have the ability to bring new characters to life and it takes great creativity to have amazing visions and ideas to transform them.

2. Excellent art and design skills

Animation requires good art and design skills. You have to constantly practice and use the latest design tools to enrich your art skills.

3. Team player

Being a team player is important for success in animation projects. Must be able to work together with a good team, have the ability to change ideas and solve problems proactively.

4. Discipline

Achieving success in the animation industry requires discipline. The sector is expected to remain planted and unmanaged to face challenges and larger projects.

Types of Animation Courses

Diploma in Animation Courses

S.No Diploma in Animation Courses
1 Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking
2 Diploma in 3D animation 
3 Diploma in Digital animation
4 Diploma in Graphic and Web designing
5 Diploma in video editing and VFX
6 Diploma in Fusion animation
7 Diploma in animation engineering
8 Diploma in Animation, editing, and post-production work
9 Diploma in Classic animation
10 Diploma in 3D animation and visual effects
11 Diploma in VFX and Post-production
12 Diploma in 2D animation
13 Diploma in CG animation
14 Diploma in VFX

Degree in Animation Courses

S.No Degree in Animation Courses
1 B.Sc (Hons) Multimedia Production and Technology
2 B.A in Digital Animation and Filmmaking
3 B.A in 3D Animation and Visual Effects
4 B.A in Digital Media (3D Animation)
5 B.Sc (Hons) Digital Art and Technology
6 B.Sc in Multimedia and Animation

Certificate Animation Courses

S.No Certificate Animation Courses
1 Editing
2 Web Motion 
3 Mixing and Post Production
4 Visual Effects
5 Flash


Paid Animation Softwares



Animation jobs



Lighting technician

16,000 to17,000/Month


3D modular

17,000 to 18,000/Month


3D Creative designer

18,000 to 19,000/Month


3D artist

20,000 to 21,000/Month


Graphic artist

20,000 to 21,000/Month



20,000 to 22,000/Month



20,000 to 21,000/Month


3D animator 

20,000 to 21,000/Month


Video game designer

22,000 to 24,000/Month


Compositing supervisor

800 to 1000/Hour


Art director

50,000 to 60,000/Month


Technical director

60,000 to 75,000/Month

Paid Animation Softwares

Adobe Character Animator

Toon Boom Harmony

DigiCel Flipbook

Moho Debut


Moho Pro


Cartoon Animator 5

Stop Motion Studio




Free Animation Softwares

Pencil 2D

Synfig Studio




Animation Features

  • With the help of animation, we experience an imaginary world that does not exist in reality.
  • Animation helps the student a lot. Any subject can be shown through animation in a very simple way which the student can easily understand.
  • Animation is helpful in making poems, stories and other literary works alive and interesting.
  • With the help of animation we can convert imagination into reality.
  • Animation can help in giving a new direction to any idea and can open the way for new inventions.
  • To understand the process of any product, society can make animation videos.
  • Another important advantage of animation technology is that it provides a new approach to entertainment.
  • With the help of animation in medicine, the human body can be understood better.
  • There is no age limit for teaching animation, anyone can learn it very easily.
  • With the increasing use of Animation Technology, new career opportunities have also increased. It can provide students with unique and interesting career paths in graphic designing, animation, video editing and other fields.

Animation Technology Disadvantages

  • Excessive use of Animation Technology can sometimes lead to lack of reality. If small children watch too much animation then they lose real life and do not know the real world.
  • Workers working in the animation industry sometimes have to face irregularities and instability. Even some workers can be negatively affected by doing the same job for a long time.
  • There are major security challenges in the world of digital animation. Many times there is a possibility that personal data gets hacked and misused.
  • If animation is not taught properly then it will be a waste of time.
  • Making animation is a bit difficult task.


Animation technology is very popular in today’s time. Animation will be used even more in the coming days. We have tried to give you complete information about animation through this article. I hope that now you will not have the question that what is Animation? ? I hope that after reading this article you would have become knowledgeable about animation. Friends, if you are not satisfied even after reading this article, then you can also comment.

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