Captcha Meaning in English

Hello friends, I welcome you to NK Knowledge. Friends, you must have filled the online form at some point or the other, you must have visited any website or you must have sent money online. When we do all this, we see a strange type of numbers or alphabets. Friends, this strange type of number or alphabet is called Captcha code. Many people had searched in Google that Captcha Meaning in Hindi, so today we will give you complete information about it.

Captcha Meaning in Hindi

In this article, we have given complete information about Captcha Code. After reading this article, you will get complete information about Captcha Code, so read this article till the end.

Captcha Code Meaning in English

Whenever we fill a form on any online government website, we comment on any website, or while creating our ID anywhere, or we have to forget our password, then after the entire work is over, we get some different types of numbers in our Whenever you come across a puzzle, I’m not a robot is written, which is very strange and sometimes it takes a lot of time to solve it. This problem is not only with you but with many people. Friends, this is what we call Captcha Code.

What is Captcha

Whenever we fill a form on any website or create an account somewhere or want to download something from any website, then we are asked to enter a strange number or click on I’m not a robot. We know this as Captcha Code.

Friends, Captcha Code is a number or alphabet with the help of which humans and bots i.e. any computer or machine are identified. If we say in a nutshell, Captcha Code is a kind of security check code, Captcha is used to protect any website from spam traffic. Code is very helpful.

Captcha Code Uses 

The biggest reason for using Captcha Code is security. With the help of Captcha Code, any website can be protected from spammers. Only humans can solve the Captcha Code. No machine or bots can solve the Captcha Code. Captcha Code is mostly used to protect the website from Hackers and Spammers.

We answered your question Captcha Meaning in Hindi, now we will know about Captcha Code in detail.

Captcha Code Types 

  • You must be thinking that there are types of Captcha Codes, so friends, there are different types of Captcha Codes. Different Captchas are used at different places. There are 9 types of Captcha Codes.

    1. Text Captcha

    Friends, this Captcha is visible on most of the websites. When we fill the form on any website or create our account on any website, then we have to enter a different type of number or alphabet in the last which only humans can recognize, no machine can read this. Friends, this Captcha is called Text Captcha.

    2. 3D Captcha

    This Captcha is given to you in 3D. You are shown a 3D photo. There are some numbers or alphabets in it in 3D which only humans can see. No bots can read this Captcha. This Captcha is a special type of Captcha which takes up very little space. is used on.

    3. Images Captcha

    This Captcha mostly appears in Google when we create an account. Images are given in this Captcha and it is said that identify the images from it which we have to identify, like we have been told to identify the Car which we have to identify from the images. The car has to be recognized and this work can be done only by humans and not by any computer.

    4. Tic-tac-toe captcha

    Friends, you must have played the game of Cross and Zero in your childhood, but this game is also used in Captcha, in this you are asked to play the game of Cross and Zero which only humans can do.

    5. Maths Captcha

    Friends, if you have ever booked a railway ticket or seen the online train status, you must have seen this Captcha. In this, you are asked a simple mathematical question which you have to answer. This type of Captcha is mostly used in Indian Railways. Let’s do it.

    6. Ad injected Captcha

    Friends, this Captcha is a special type of Captcha which is used only in very special places. In this Captcha, you are shown an add and then you are asked which brand is this add. Only a person can fill this Captcha. Know

    7. Audio Captcha

    This Captcha is a type of Audio Captcha, in this you are told some numbers through an audio, which you have to listen carefully and then you have to fill that number in the box and no computer has been able to do this work.

    This Captcha is used when a website needs to be kept more secure.

    8. Jquery Slider Captcha

    Friends, this is a type of plugin Captcha which is installed in the website so that spammers can stay away.

    9. Recaptcha Code

    Friends, you must have seen this Captcha at many places. When we fill any form in Google, it comes from I’m not a robot. We have to click on it, we know it from the Recaptcha Code.


Captcha Code History 

The first version of Captcha was created in 1997 by two groups and later in 2003 by Luis Von Ahn. Created by Manuel Blume, Nicholas J, Hopper and John Langford. 

The purpose of introducing Captcha Code was to protect the website from hackers and spammers and to identify whether the user visiting the website is a human or a robot because you know how unsafe any work online is, how many frauds are there, but Captcha is He stands behind a wall in front of everyone, that is why the use of Captcha Code was started.

Captcha Code How it works

Whenever we create an online form or account, at the end we have to fill the Captcha Code, if we do not fill up the Captcha Code then our work cannot progress further, but we are human beings, that is why we are able to read the Captcha Code. But the bots are not able to understand the Captcha Code because the Captcha Code is made in such a way that only humans can know it.

Every time Captcha Code comes in front of us in a new form, the Teddy Madey writing and photo of Captcha Code are made in such a way that robots cannot understand it. Even if any bots read the source code of Captcha Code, Captcha is not understood by the society. Found because every time we come across a new Captcha Code.

Captcha Code gives us a task which we have to complete, like we have to write some alphabets in a teddy-medy handwriting, at first we do not understand it, sometimes we understand it and enter the wrong Captcha and a new Captcha. appears before us

And in this way, we can easily find out whether the users visiting the website are humans or robots and in this way our website remains safe.

Captcha Code Solve

Friends, many times we face a lot of trouble in solving Captcha Code. Many times we come across such Captcha Code that we are not able to solve it. Mostly we face more trouble in Text Captcha Code, 3d Captcha Code, Audio Captcha Code. This happens because many times we do not understand such strange Captcha Code.

But whenever you come across such a Captcha Code, you have to enter the wrong Captcha, after that a new Captcha Code will appear in front of you and you will be able to fill the Captcha Code easily by understanding it.

Captcha Code Full Form 

Friends, we learned a lot about Captcha Code but Captcha Code is a sort name. Captcha Code also has a different and complete name. The full name of Captcha Code is “Completely Automated Public Turning Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart” Friends, this name is a bit long and difficult to remember. It is difficult to keep, that is why it is known as sort.

Captcha Code Benifiets

  • There are many benefits of applying Captcha Code in any website due to which the website is kept secure.
  • Identifies the user visiting a website or blog so that any spam comment can be prevented.
  • Through Captcha Code, one can identify whether the user visiting a website or blog is human or robot.
  • With the help of Captcha Code you can protect the website from spammers.
  • Captcha Code Captcha Code is very beneficial in protecting against fraud and theft in online business.
  • Captcha code is used to protect the website from hackers.

Captcha Code loss 

We saw the benefits of Captcha Code above but no Vaastu is perfect in all respects, similarly Captcha Code also has disadvantages.

  • Many times we get such Captcha Codes which we are not able to understand.
  • While solving Captcha Code, our Internet connection should be good otherwise we will not be able to fill the Captcha Code.
  • It is mandatory for the Captcha Code to be strong otherwise it can be hacked by hackers.

How to add Captcha on website

Friends, to add Captcha Code to your website or blog, you should have knowledge of Scripting language. You can also create Captcha Code yourself with Scripting language.

But if you do not know the scripting language then there is no need to worry, even without this language you can put Captcha Code in your website.

If your website is in WordPress then you can easily add Captcha Code.

  1. First of all you have to go to Plugin
  2. Click on Add New Plugin
  3. Now you have to search Really Simple Captcha in the search bar.
  4. Now you have to click on Install that Plugin.
  5. After installation you have to click on Activate.
  6. Now Captcha Code will be added to your website.


Friends, today we have tried to answer your question about Captcha Meaning in Hindi through this link. We have known what is Captcha Code. We have given complete information about it, from the invention of Captcha Code to how Captcha Code works. That you would have liked this article and how did you like this article, do tell in the comments.

Friends, many people ask many questions on Google about Captcha Code. We have found important questions from them which are given below.

FAQ – Captcha Code 

1. कैप्चा को हिंदी में क्या कहते हैं?

Captcha Code को हिंदी में “कंप्यूटर और मानव को अलग बताने के लिए पूर्ण स्वचालित सार्वजनिक ट्यूरिंग परीक्षण” कहते है।

2. Captcha Code का Full Form क्या है |

Captcha Code का पूरा नाम “Completely Automated Public Turning Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart”

3. कैप्चा कितने प्रकार के होते हैं?
Captcha Code के प्रकार – Text Captcha, 3D Captcha, Images Captcha, Tic-tac-toe captcha, Maths Captcha, Ad injected Captcha, Audio Captcha, Jquery Slider Captcha, Recaptcha Code.
4. वेबसाइट में CAPTCHA CODE कैसे ADD करें?

दोस्तों आपको अपनी वेबसाइट या blog में Captcha Code को Add करने के ली ये Scripting भाषा का ज्ञान होना चाहिए Scripting भाषा से आप खुद से भी Captcha Code बना सकते है |

लेकिन आपको Scripting भाषा नहीं आती हे तो आपको परेसान होने की कोई जरुरत नहीं कोई इस भाषा के बिना भी आप Captcha Code को अपनी वेबसाइट में लगा सकते है |

5. Captcha Code का उपयोग क्यो किया जाता है?

Captcha Code का उपयोग हेकरो और स्पैमरो से वेबसाइट को बचना था और वेबसाइट में आने वाला यूजर इन्सान हे या रोबोट इसको पहचानने के लिए किया था |

6. Captcha Code क्या है?

दोस्तों Captcha Code एक ऐसा नंबर या आल्फाबेट होता जिसकी मदद से इन्सान और Bots यानि की कोई कंप्यूटर या मशीन को पहचानता जाता है हम सॉर्ट में कहे तो Captcha Code एक तरह का Security check कोड है |


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