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Hello friends, NK Knowledge welcomes you, today in this article we will discuss about OTP Kya Hai? Today we will know its complete information. Which work do we not want to do online while sitting at home? Instead of standing in long queues at the bank, we transfer money online from our mobile. Instead of going to the shop or market to get any item of our need, we can do it online sitting at home. buy goods

OTP Kya Hai

Along with this, we do a lot of work online like mobile recharge, electricity bill, we remain busy in social media.

But all this work is as easy as it is unsafe. Our personal data and bank account information are also at risk, but to overcome this danger, a password was invented which we know as OTP. In this article, We will provide complete information about OTP, so read this article till the end.

What is OTP ?

OTP is full of One Time Password, like its name OTP is a password which we can use only once, OTP is of 4-6 digits, whenever we do any online transaction, amazon, flipkart, messho. We buy some goods from GC e-commerce website or we create our account in any app.

At last a message comes for verification, it contains our OTP, we enter that OTP and then our work is completed which we can use only once.

OTP  Full From

Friends, the full name of OTP is One Time Password. Like its name, this password can be used only once.

OTP Uses

What is OTP used to provide security to our online activities? OTP is different from the password we create in email or any account. We make that password very simple like our date of birth, our car or bike number or Anyone can remember the phone number and this password and can use it more than once, but we can use OTP only once.

OTP is used to protect our personal data, bank account etc. from any hacker or anyone.

Suppose someone gets your bank details or complete details of your ATM, then that person can clear your account in 2 minutes but due to OTP it is not possible to do that because OTP is sent through message on our mobile number and this In this way, OTP becomes a security shield in our online work.

Many such incidents have come to light in our country that some unknown person has the complete details of our bank or ATM card, then that person will try to withdraw money from our account but the bank sends us OTP on our registered mobile number and withdraws our money. Are saved.

That is why banks, e-commerce, and social media use OTP so that their users can get maximum security.

How OTP Works?

OTP is a number which is generated automatically. No one knows about OTP. OTP is known only to the person whose registered mobile number and email ID is there.

OTP is generated by Hashed Message Authentication Code Algorithm and each user is given a different OTP.

Whenever we transfer our money online, OTP comes on our number and only after entering the OTP we are able to send the money.

OTP का उपयोग कहा कहा होता है?

OTP is used at many places but OTP is mostly used for online money transfer.

  • E-Commerce companies Amazon, Flipkart, Messho, Snapdeal, eBay etc.
  • In Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, Bhim UPI etc.
  • In social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp.
  • In creating a Google account or resetting the password.
  • Before doing any transaction in Banking Service, OTP is sent to the registered mobile number which is quite secure.
  • When someone tries to login to the app or website from another device, the user’s identity is verified by sending OTP.

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OTP Advantages

to enhance security

OTP protects the user from hackers. If someone else logs in to our account, an OTP is sent to our mobile which lets us know that there has been some activity in our account.

OTP provides security in all our online activities. Even if someone gets access to our account information, that person cannot do anything without OTP.

identify the user

Whenever we login to our account, OTP is sent to our email or to our mobile number. This means that the user is identified through this OTP. If any unknown person tries to login to our account, then OTP will be sent to us. Due to which they cannot do this work, it is known that due to OTP, the user’s account remains very secure.

Protection from bank fraud

Whenever we do any online transaction, our registered mobile number is verified through OTP, only then we can do the transaction, even if any unknown person has the information about our account, he cannot do anything without OTP. Due to OTP the banking sector is quite safe.


The biggest advantage of OTP is that it is available to us absolutely free of cost, we do not have to pay any money or charge for OTP service.


OTP works very fast, OTP is sent to the user within a few seconds and the user is identified within seconds.


The use of OTP is very simple and does not waste our time.

One Time Use

The biggest advantage of OTP is that it can be used only once and can be used only for a few minutes, if we do not use it within the time limit then it is of no use and We get second OTP, we can use OTP only once.

OTP Disavantages

We saw the advantages of otp but along with the advantages of otp it also has its disadvantages.

  • Sometimes due to server being down, there is a delay in receiving OTP, which stops our work and wastes our time.
  • If your phone is ever stolen or lost, your account may be in danger because that person can easily know your OTP.

OTP Types

  1. SMS OTP

    SMS OTP is sent to our mobile number.

    Email OTP

    Friends, if you have registered with your email ID in any website or app, then that OTP will come on your email.

    Voice Call OTP

    Friends, this OTP will be told through your call


Friends, today what is OTP? To know about it in detail, we also learned how important OTP is for us. OTP plays a very important role in the security of our online work. I hope that after reading this article, you would have got the complete information about OTP. If you liked this article, If you liked it, please share and comment.

FAQ –  OTP (One Time Password)

OTP में कितने अंक होते हैं ?

OTP  एक सिक्योरिटी कोड है, जो 4-6 अंकों का होता है और इसका इस्तेमाल एक बार ही किया जाता है |

मुझे अपने बैंक से ओटीपी क्यों नहीं मिल रहा है ?
अगर आपको आपने बैंक से otp प्राप्त नहीं ही रहा है तो आपको आपने बैंक में जाकर आपने मोबाइल को रजिस्टर करना होगा फिर जाकर आपके मोबाइल नंबर पर otp आएगा |
ओटीपी क्या काम करता है?

OTP एक Security Code होता है जो ज्यादातर 6-Digit का रहता है. साथ ही ओटीपी एक Verification की विधि है जिससे यह Proof होता है की जिस काम के लिए OTP आ रहा है वह काम आप ही कर रहे हैं कोई और नहीं |

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